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IIIII – about the art of letting go – 11:00 – Underbelly Circus Hub

In "IIIII - about the art of letting go", contemporary circus, dance and sound art merge into a personal and emotional journey to the beauty and pain of letting go! At the centre: the Cyr Wheel. Powerful, stirring, fragile.

Sandra Hanschitz & Joël Beierer surrender to the process of letting go. The mood develops from calm balance to loss of control to fascinating dynamics and floating lightness. From raw sounds to fine beats, the show is underscored by a soundscape made from the Cyr Wheel itself. In a circle of surrender, of holding on and becoming free. “A small master- piece with a massive metal hoop and a shrewd musician.”
– Helmut Ploebst, the Standard

Hanschitz & Beierer

Sandra Hanschitz and Joël Beierer have been collaborating since 2018 on interdisciplinary dance and circus productions that are strongly characterized by their aesthetic language and immersive experiential quality - at the heart of their work the Cyr Wheel. With their latest project "IIIII - about the art of letting go" they have been touring Central Europe together since 2021.

In search of unique performance experiences, Hanschitz & Beierer create intimate and reflexive works in the interplay of tranquility & loss of control: the personal becomes political, philosophy comes alive, and the conceptual can be physically experienced.

Supported by FONDS DaKu, BMKÖS and the Kulturamt Freiburg, the two are currently working on a new production (wt: Interdependen.cyr), in which they critically examine the human hubris in dealing with the inanimate entities of this world.

  • current productions

    current productions

    IIIII - about the art of letting go

    year of production: 2021
    directed by: Sandra Hanschitz, Joël Beierer
    Artistic Direction & Performance: Sandra Hanschitz
    Music & Performance: Joël Beierer
    Choreography & Dramaturgy: Günter Klingler
    Light Design & Technician: Steffen Melch
    Costume: Sandra Hanschitz
    Length: 50 minutes
    Topic: : Contemporary Dance & Cirque Nouveau - Cyrwheel

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    Sandra Hanschitz (Artistic Direction & Performance)

    Joël Beierer (Production & Performance)

  • supported by

    supported by

    Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien #Take Aktion
    Kulturamt der Stadt Freiburg
    LBBW Stiftung