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Performing Arts made in Germany - German Showcase 2024

Performing Arts Made in Germany is Edinburgh Fringe Festival's first-ever German Showcase, established in 2024.

With a programme selected by an international jury, the showcase offers an overview on the German performing arts scene, with four shows featuring some of the best contemporary dance, circus, and theatre Germany has to offer. The four selected companies will present their shows in four of the main festival venues between 13th - 25th August 2024.

Performing Arts Made in Germany supports the artists before, during and after the festival and aims to offer them a platform to present their work within the vibrant, international environment of Fringe.

The showcase is managed by Kreativ Transfer who are supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media to support stakeholders in the fields of the performing artsvisual arts and games in establishing and expanding their international networks to improve their visibility on the international market. 

13 - 25 AUGUST 2024 



"Performing Arts made in Germany" Showcase at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Although country-specific showcases have a long tradition at many events, including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, a joint, publicly funded presence of companies/artists from Germany is entirely new.

The showcase is therefore a special pilot project aimed at promoting "Performing Arts made in Germany" on the international market.

Participating companies/artists as well as the performing arts scene in Germany will receive more visibility through the joint framework of a showcase and the related joint application. In addition, the financial assistance provided, communication with venues and the transfer of knowledge and contacts established as part of this undertaking will be a unique support for the participating companies/artists.

The Showcase is supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM).